Manufacturing In Focus

Partnering with Catawba Valley Reclamation

At Leigh Fibers, we are proud to partner with Catawba Valley Reclamation in the most recent publication of Manufacturing in Focus. Read the featured article below!

Article Snippet:

Written by Pauline Müller 

At a time when environmental stewardship is becoming increasingly urgent, it is refreshing to find companies doing tremendous work in mitigating our impact on the planet. Leigh Fibers is a re-engineered fiber company with a vast reach, offering custom fiber blends to suit the needs of global manufacturing suppliers in twenty-five countries. It is celebrating one hundred years in business this year and is still owned by the family that bought the company from the founder in 1922. 

This is North America’s biggest textile waste and by-product re-processor, and it specializes in landfill diversion. The materials it collects consist of an amazing variety of fibers, from wool and rayon to polyester, cotton, and much more. Their uses are just as diverse, including end products like acoustic padding, insulation, building materials like concrete and barriers, automotive liners, landscaping materials, couches, water filters, and equestrian arena surfaces… READ MORE by clicking the PDF viewer.