Our durable, high-performance shoddy, both natural and synthetic, are a key ingredient in the production of cost-effective acoustical parts and insulation for many automotive manufacturers.

Additionally, our closed-loop solutions and waste stream management programs enable automotive suppliers to convert post-industrial scrap into valuable raw materials, thereby diverting those material from the landfill and saving on material costs.


Leigh Fiber’s re-processed natural and synthetic fibers are often used for mattresses, pillows and quilts. Our recycled cotton gin motes, linters, picker, combers, wool and synthetic blends provide consistent high-quality materials for customers who supply to mattress manufacturers.


Leigh Fibers is a trusted partner in the burial industry. From the major casket manufacturers to the wholesalers of casket supplies, we supply re-processed fibers for pillows and casket interiors that meet stringent quality standards and deliver excellent value.


Our re-processed fibers are used for batting, waddings, and needled and bonded felts used in many furniture items. Our products provide a lower cost alternative than a virgin polyester fiber. Our customers have used Leigh Fibers re-processed fiber in demanding furniture applications while meeting their customers’ expectations for performance.


Today’s apparel industry is a true global market. Product life cycles are short and design differentiation is vast. Leigh Fibers works with apparel and yarn makers who are continually searching for ways to include re-processed fibers in new clothing products. This “closed-loop” mission is ongoing and continues to be a goal of both Leigh Fibers and many of our industry partners.


Our experience affords us a unique opportunity to be actively involved in developing fiber solutions and fiber sourcing to develop new and more innovative waste utilization strategies. Including those related to filtration and absorption materials.

To meet current needs within the filtration market, Leigh Fibers uses polyester, cotton, polypropylene and acrylic blend fibers to provide reprocessed fiber for yarn-wound, canister (string) and pleat media filters.

Leigh provides re-processed fibers, such as cotton, wool, synthetic and other cellulose fibers because of these natural fibers’ inherent capillary capabilities to meet our customers needs for absorbent materials.


Leigh Fibers is a key supplier for manufacturers of acoustic insulation materials used in automobile parts, office partitions, ceiling tile, industry machinery and even household appliances. For damping sound resonance, especially in air cavities, the open design of cellulose, cotton, and polyester makes these fibers a proven and preferred acoustical solution. These manufacturers rely on our precisely modified natural and synthetic fibers for the high acoustical density.


Leigh Fibers supplies re-processed natural and synthetic fibers used in ring-spinning, air-jet and open-end spinning operations. Commercial spinners depend on us for a steady supply of high-quality loose cotton, card waste, and synthetic fibers to keep their lines moving.


For over a decade, Leigh Fibers has been involved in providing products for the sports and leisure market. We are constantly developing new fiber blends that are used in the making of sports targets, athletic bags and other equipment. Leigh Fibers is one of the few suppliers large enough to warehouse customer’s inventory on-site, enabling us to immediately respond to shifts in their demand.


For many companies, public and personal security are very real and growing concerns.

Leigh Fibers works with company executives and/or public safety officials to destroy old and unused uniforms and other products. Doing so prevents potential attackers from obtaining the uniforms that could allow them access to sensitive assets, people and events. This is done using a secure chain of custody concluding with the issue of a Certification of Destruction. Not only does this reduce the threat to the public’s safety.


For companies as well as consumers, brand protection and integrity are a priority.

Brand protection involves destroying clothing goods and items with a company logo and/or proprietary design displayed on the item. This is to ensure that discontinued, unsold or quality concerning items are not sold or distributed elsewhere under the company’s name. Destroying these items keeps the integrity of the brand while recycling the clothes creates an opportunity for these fibers to be used in a new way. It is a responsible way to ensure brand integrity while simultaneously making a positive global impact.


Leigh Fibers has developed processes that convert para-aramids in both filament and fabric forms into usable fibers for carding/spinning, composite, pulp and wet laid applications. In addition, we convert other aramids and fire-retardant materials back to fiber forms for use in non-wovens.

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