Reduce Your Cost—Strengthen Your Brand

Waste Stream Reduction

One of the tangible values of Leigh Fibers is the part we play in reducing the amount of post-industrial and post-consumer material that ends up in landfills. Today, about 75% of post-industrial textile waste is recycled. Leigh Fibers is proud to have played a leading role in that success. Our waste reduction solutions enable a wide variety of manufacturers to minimize landfill and disposal costs, cost-effectively recycle damaged fiber and re-use their own textile waste in the production of new products. All while strengthening their reputation as an environmental steward. That’s just good business and good for the planet.

Post-Industrial Waste

With our industry-wide global connections, we convert your manufacturing fiber and plastic waste into a consistent revenue stream. In many cases, we are able to utilize your waste for reprocessing and re-use. Our engineers work with you to find the easiest and most cost-efficient methods for baling and transporting the packaged waste to our facilities. In other cases, we leverage our vast network of textile waste converters to find a second home (and the best price) for your scraps. In either case, our goal is to create a zero-waste industry—one customer at a time.

Damaged/Unusable Materials

Each year fire, water damage, transportation- and weather-related incidents create significant textile waste. Leigh Fibers works with insurance and salvage companies to minimize the amount that ends up in landfills, reprocessing damaged and unusable waste into valuable fiber that gets a second life in products that are used everyday.

Closed-loop Solutions

In today’s highly competitive retail market, success depends on differentiating yourself from the pack. Leigh can partner with you to reprocess your post-industrial waste or post-consumer products into good-quality fiber, made to your specifications, that you can then put into other merchandise. It’s a closed loop, with competitors on the outside. Contact a Leigh Fibers representative to engineer a specific closed-loop solution.

ICE Recycling