Injecting Value: How, When and Where You Need It.

Toll Work

For customers who already have a pre-determined use for their textile waste and simply need it converted into a re-processed fiber, Leigh Fibers provides cost-effective toll work. We use the same processing lines and quality control checks for toll work that we employ for our customized conversions, branded fiber and closed-loop solutions. The only difference is that with toll work, we provide the service without taking ownership of the fiber.

Leigh performs toll work with a wide variety of materials, for companies large and small. For example:

  • A manufacturer of thermo-bonded pads regularly ships us their post-processing scrap, composed mainly of bi-component bonding fibers. We open the scrap, allowing our customer to re-claim these fibers, including high cost bi-component, which is then re-introduced into their product.
  • A company involved in the home furnishings industry sends us their post-industrial waste. We process it through our cleaning and densification process; they, in turn, are able to re-introduce the densified converted product back into their process stream creating a “green” product with a high percentage of post industrial recycled content.
  • A supplier to the yarn industry ships us their cotton and synthetic card waste. We clean and prep it to create a product that can be re-introduced into their process.

At Leigh Fibers, we’re committed to using our capabilities and resources in order to create value for our customers—however, whenever, wherever they need us.

Our customers rely on Leigh Fibers for their toll work because they know we can maximize the value of their waste, deliver consistent quality and outstanding service.