Increasing Public Safety and Protecting the Integrity of Your Brand

Uniform and Product Destruction

Old or unused uniforms can provide would-be criminals illegal access to secured assets, facilities, people and even the average homeowner. So at Leigh Fibers, we work with public safety officials, utilities, energy companies, and higher profile public and private companies with brands or images they wish to protect.

We provide destruction services to completely destroy old and unused uniforms and other access control products. We also partner with local, state and federal branches of government, from law enforcement to port authorities and border patrols, to dispose of seized counterfeit goods and/or store them per regulations.

Using our in-house capabilities, we are able to process:

  • Uniforms—military, law enforcement, public company with logo identification, etc.
  • Counterfeit merchandise
  • Stitched Insignias and Patches
  • And More

The Process

Upon delivery of the materials to be destroyed, Leigh Fibers accepts the material through a multi-step custodial certification process.

The material is then processed based on material type. Many times Leigh is able to re-process these items back into a re-usable fiber with the goal of keeping all items out of landfills.

At the end of the process, Leigh Fibers provides the customer a certificate of destruction to verify that the full order has been completely and successfully destroyed.

Through our uniform destruction solutions, Leigh Fibers not only helps reduce the threat to the public’s safety, we help protect the integrity and good name/brand of our customers.

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