Plastics, Paper and More

Plastics Recycling

Plastics, Paper and More

Each year, the manufacturing of virgin plastics accounts for about 8% of the natural resources consumed globally. Moreover, the cost of purchasing recycled plastics such as polyethelene terephthelate (PET) can be as much as 30% less than virgin PET.

With our 2014 acquisition of Industrial Conservation Engineering (ICE) Recycling, Leigh Fibers can now also help customers and suppliers divert their plastics and cardboard waste streams from landfills and put them to more profitable use.

Founded in 2008 in Lake City, SC, ICE recycles a large assortment of materials including: plastics, metals, cardboard, and E-waste. It is best known for working closely with its customers, helping them to become landfill-free. ICE customers represent a broad array of industrial, engineering and building products businesses. Click below to learn more about Industry-Specific options.

The addition of these complementary capabilities strengthens Leigh Fibers’ ability to source materials beyond textiles. These include polymer-based PET, PP, PE, HIPS, PS, LDPE and HDPE products—many of which can then be converted into polymer fibers for use in carpeting and other consumer and industrial applications.

ICE also provides Leigh Fibers’ customers and suppliers to off-load their cardboard, paper, aluminum and other metal waste.

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