The Value of our Worldwide Connections and Experience

Fiber Trading

When it comes to finding the exact fiber you need or moving the excess material you have, the value of Leigh Fibers can’t be measured in pennies per pound. Likewise, our global relationships and experience—nearly a century in the making—can’t be bought. It must be earned.

Whether you’re buying or selling— fiber or plastics, post-industrial or excess material, post-consumer waste, end-of-roll products or damaged seconds— there is no substitute for a partner who knows the industry like we do. Leigh Fibers maintains trading agents and offices throughout North, Central and South America, Europe and the Far East. With this unmatched network and deep understanding of the regional fiber markets, Leigh is always able to offer competitive pricing, efficient shipping and — unlike most other companies — guaranteed availability.

Our global resource intelligence is built on relationships going back decades. So for companies looking to sell, Leigh Fibers can offer a steady demand. For those needing to buy, we can offer a consistent supply of the fiber you need. How do you affix a price to that?

In 2014 Leigh Delaware Holdings (owners of Leigh Fibers, Inc.) acquired ICE Recycling. This acquisition was completed for two main reasons, one, the Lehner family has demonstrated through almost a century in related businesses that they remain committed to sustainable environmental solutions. Over the years Leigh has kept over 14 billions pounds of waste out of landfills and the addition of ICE Recycling to the Leigh family of companies will only enhance our ability to provide Green services to our customers and suppliers. Two, we are vigilant in working to maintain consistent high quality sources of raw material for our customers to ensure we can supply their needs in both our manufactured and trading businesses. Protecting raw material supply means being creative and finding new ways to work with both customer and supplier partners. ICE Recycling provides Leigh additional sources of raw materials and helps protect the overall business for the long term.

ICE Recycling was founded in 2008 on the business premise that environmental stewardship has become a necessity and companies’ have a growing responsibility to keep all their waste from reaching landfills. The business model of ICE is to take control of all of a customer’s waste and recyclables. ICE redesigns waste handling, removes landfill costs, reduces carbon footprint, markets salvageable waste and creates a positive sustainable position from what was once a business expense and environmental liability. The strategic fit between the mission of Leigh Fibers, Inc. and ICE Recycling is natural, the two companies are working together to create less waste, to keep more products from reaching landfills and to create products that have a useful second life for people and industry.

ICE Recycling – Total Recycling Solutions for Business and Industry.

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