Value in—Value out

Closed-Loop Solutions

Leigh Fibers’ closed-loop solutions enable manufacturers to recycle their own textile scrap for use as high-quality fiber in the manufacture of additional revenue-generating products. A closed-loop solution creates significant benefits throughout the entire product lifecycle:

  • Reduces waste disposal and landfill costs
  • Generates a customized, low-cost, high-quality fiber
  • Optimizes production cost-efficiency and yield
  • Ensures continuous supply of made-to-order fiber
  • Produces additional revenue stream

Leigh Fibers engineers have helped companies in a variety of industries design, implement and maintain profitable closed-loop solutions, using a wide range of textile scrap. While every solution is unique, each bears the hallmarks of Leigh Fibers.

Experience and Creativity

A closed-loop solution begins by obliterating “the box”, re-imagining an existing waste stream as the raw material for a new and marketable product. Using our experience and creativity, your Leigh Fibers’ solutions team works with you to brainstorm the possibilities and then work through the logistics and production feasibility. What types of scrap do you generate? How can you re-use it? What is involved? What is the cost? What is the upside, the distribution channels, the revenue potential?

Process Expertise

Once the best scenario has been defined, we work with you to outline all process steps: how will you bale and deliver the scrap to us; what reprocessing is necessary on our end; how much recycled fiber will you need delivered and how often; what type of quality assurance checks do we need to develop? Only after every question is answered satisfactorily do we proceed with product development and testing.

Fiber Engineering

During fiber engineering, we use sample scrap material to develop various fiber prototypes in order to produce the right fiber type and blend for the final product. It’s a process that involves three parts experience and expertise and one part intuition. The result is a completely customized and valuable fiber generated from what had been useless waste.

Integrity through Implementation 

Implementation is where your partnership with Leigh Fibers truly pays off. Your closed-loop solution depends on schedule reliability and consistent quality, and Leigh delivers. Process redundancies built in to our systems ensure we’re able to meet your delivery schedules without ever sacrificing product quality.

Constant Contact

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we remain in touch with you and your project team throughout the process in order to make fine adjustments to details such as scheduling, quantities and fiber composition. We rely on communication and mutual experience to constantly improve this closed-loop solution process thereby insuring a positive outcome for you.