Innovations that have Endured

Leigh-Branded Fibers

Our focus on research and development and solving customer’s challenges has resulted in success stories that have taken on a life of their own. These proudly carry the Leigh Fibers brand and are used in a variety of commercial and specialty applications.


Applications: Operations involving needle punching, barrier fabrics and coarse yarn spinning.
A family of proprietary fibers made from para- and meta-aramids, intrinsically fire-retardant fibers, and treated recycled cottons and synthetics. SafeLeigh™ is available in the following types and products:

  • SafeLeigh™ FR (flame-retardant) — A high-quality shoddy fiber that meets today’s stringent automotive performance and fire-retardant standards while helping you meet sustainability goals.
  • SafeLeigh™ Natural — Designed for high-end shoddy applications that demand a whiter look and high meta-aramid content.
  • SafeLeigh™ Premium — Our purest product of SafeLeigh™ with the highest meta-aramid content.


Applications: Acoustic insulation, primarily for the automotive industry.
Engineered using Leigh Fiber’s proprietary fiber blends, QuietLeigh™ has become an automotive industry standard for acoustical padding. Many QuietLeigh™ products help our OEM partners meet the industry standards for flame retardancy and sound deadening.