Comprehensive in-house resources.

Our Facilities

Leigh Fibers world headquarters is located in Wellford, South Carolina, just outside of Spartanburg—cradle of the U.S. textile industry. Here we maintain over a million square feet of space dedicated to fiber reprocessing, research and development, quality control, warehousing and administration. In this space, we have all the resources you need to meet any fiber processing requirement as well as specific needs you might have for specialty fibers, plastics, material densification or a wealth of other textile related materials or processes.  Leigh Fibers can source, process and end-use match material waste streams better than anyone in the industry due to depth of experience and in-house capabilities. Our newest shoddy production line, for example, is completely vertically integrated. It provides the flexibility to add, subtract and change out raw materials on the fly in order to modify the final product characteristics. The entire computer-monitored operation processes up to 5,000 pounds per hour, yet requires just three employees.