Comprehensive in-house resources.

Processing Facilities

Leigh Fibers world headquarters is located in Wellford, South Carolina, just outside of Spartanburg—cradle of the U.S. textile industry. Here we maintain over a million square feet of space dedicated to fiber reprocessing, research and development, quality control, warehousing and administration.

In this space, we have all the resources needed to meet your fiber needs—today and tomorrow.


Leigh Fibers’ processing operations feature 13 separate production areas, ten of which feature high-capacity tearing lines. Each line is designed for maximum efficiency and quality.

In all, Leigh Fibers is capable of handling over 350 million pounds of recycled fiber per year. That’s over 30 truckloads a day of traded material or re-processed fiber!

Specified areas of the plant are ISO-9001 certified and all areas are working to drive lean manufacturing ever deeper into our corporate culture and practices.

R&D Labs

Two in-house research, development and testing labs enables our engineers to conduct on-demand everyday “standard work” analysis on all manufactured products. Each lab includes a variety of testing apparatus for analyzing and measuring fiber qualities including short fibers and contraries as well as polymer analysis i.e. DSC equipment.

Our R&D labs also serve as the incubator for long-term R&D projects that ultimately lead to industry breakthroughs, including our pioneering work in the production and application of the fire-retardant re-processed fiber.