We’re committed to continuous improvement.

Lean Manufacturing

A key to Leigh Fibers’ longevity and success is the unceasing desire to improve. From customer service and logistics to product development and processing, we refuse to settle or to be satisfied with past success.

So when we began embracing the concepts of lean manufacturing and operational excellence, it was simply an extension of who we are. Today, Leigh Fibers is using the blueprint and tools of lean manufacturing and operational excellence as we seek to continuously improve ourselves to the benefit of our customers.

Employee Empowerment

Lasting improvement is not dictated from the top down. It is embraced at every level of the company, beginning at the front line with individuals who feel empowered and engaged as true partners for change. It extends throughout the organization, creating a positive environment that promotes safety, quality and customer service. At Leigh Fibers, employees are invested with the freedom and responsibility to take ownership of their jobs and to advocate for improvement wherever they see the potential. This mindset is both reinforced weekly and rewarded regularly.

Process Enhancement

Led by our employees, Leigh Fibers is constantly looking to streamline and improve every process. Each morning begins with a plant-wide stand-up meeting that includes personnel from operations, sales, finance, maintenance, human resources and customer service, representing all levels of the organization. During this meeting, we review safety performance and issues, quality performance and department scheduling. The goal is to continually advanced, as a team, to the next level and to identify the obstacles that impede our progress.

Twice a week, department heads and a cross functional team join together on a GEMBA walk throughout the plant. They look for opportunities to reduce waste, analyze individual process steps and brainstorm opportunities for improvement. These walks are interactive and designed to create immediate improvements down to the individual operating department level.