Adapt, Improve, Grow. It’s in our DNA.


The passion for improvement has fueled our success from day one. As the textile industry has advanced and evolved, Leigh Fibers has been there to support it, developing innovative recycled solutions to meet our customers’ toughest challenges, improving their processes as well as their products. Today, that independent spirit of innovation is alive and well at Leigh Fibers.

Customer-Specific Development

Immediate innovation—it happens every day, whenever a customer changes machinery, tweaks their process or decides to launch a new line. They turn to Leigh for the recycled fiber designed to maximize their efficiency, profitability or marketability. And we respond, sometimes within hours, developing and testing new fiber blends and grades, working with the customer to arrive at the best possible solution.

Leigh Fibers has built its reputation on providing technically superior products engineered to strict specifications that are often built in collaboration with our customers.  This type of process engineering has led Leigh Fibers to create several industry wide breakthroughs including our branded products QuietLeigh®, the industry leader in sound absorption for molded acoustical parts in automobiles and SafeLeigh® a special blend of aramid fibers, FR (fire-retardant) fabrics and synthetics for superior performance  In addition to these well recognized innovations, Leigh has worked with customers and independently to create:

  • a fiber blend capable of providing unique FR properties suitable for use in automobiles
  • a densified product that reuses post consumer carpet for outdoor decking and molded automobile parts
  • the use of post industrial fibers as a bonding agent for synthetic type fibers
  • unique fiber blends that are being successfully used in the erosion control industry
  • develop innovative ways to create “second lives” for land filled items thereby creating real sustainable value for our customers and suppliers
  • develop“new life” processes for challenging specialty fibers through unique up-cycle process engineering
  • turn liability into “renewed life” by working with innovative companies in uniform recycling programs

By working with filter manufacturers, we make special blends and packaging to help them improve their product, automate and service their customers. We try to anticipate with our customers’ what their customers want, whether it is to make rope waste, polishing waste, picker laps or custom blends. We try to understand and act on their problems or utilize their waste in non-textile areas, i.e., structural parts.


Leigh Fibers….product engineering that has been going on for almost a century…because innovation happens here everyday!

Industry-Wide Breakthroughs
Each year Leigh Fibers commits significant resources to research and development in order to engineer long-term solutions that move waste utilization and industry sustainability to higher levels. With a global understanding of the fiber industry, we recognize the challenges and opportunities and commit the resources required to address them. Our efforts have led directly to developments such as:

  • The processing of proprietary waste streams that not only helped component suppliers meet a critical demand for their denim waste, it created a denim shoddy which is now a key component in the manufacture of headliners, sound insulation and other automotive components.
  • Pioneering the development of bi-component blended fibers for non-woven automotive structures that reduce the amount of high cost bi-component fiber required by upstream manufacturers.
  • Responding to a supplier’s immediate need, we developed a new plastic bale strapping solution within 48 hours, enabling customers and suppliers to add the spent straps to their recyclable waste streams.