No Substitute for Hands-On Experience

Fiber Expertise

For almost a 100 years, Leigh has played a part in nearly every significant development in the recycled fiber supply industry.
So when it comes to assessing the physical and mechanical properties of your recycled fibers, their potential to help you optimize your manufacturing processes or the availability of supply, we speak from experience.


Since the introduction of synthetic fiber into the waste stream in the 1930’s, Leigh Fibers has been a major player in the recycling of all types of synthetics and synthetic blends including nylon, viscose (Rayon), acrylic, polypropylene, acetate, aramids, polyester and polyethylene. We have, and will continue to be, highly active in converting and recycling all types of fibers. To accommodate the global growth of synthetic fiber producers, Leigh will continue to leverage our extensive network and reprocessing capabilities on behalf of our customers.

Natural Fibers

In addition to the more popular applications in clothing, home furnishings and automotive, natural fibers are also popular for use in industrial applications. This includes the development of natural fiber for use in reinforced composites. Whether it’s wool, or the wide variety of plant-based fibers, like cotton and kapok or bast fibers such as kenaf and flax, Leigh not only works with it—we know how to put it to work for you.

Technical Fibers

Our experience in sourcing and reprocessing fire retardant fiber, aramids and custom blends has given our customers a key competitive advantage by helping to streamline their supply chain and reduce manufacturing costs. Our innovation in processing of technical fiber has also led to the development of our own line of top-selling branded SafeLeigh® fire retardant fibers and QuietLeigh® fiber for acoustic insulation.

Re-processed Fibers

As a cost-effective and “greener” alternative to virgin materials, re-processed fiber such as denim shoddy has become an important part of the fiber landscape. Leigh Fibers is proud to be a leader in the field. Through our customized blending and processing equipment we are able to produce a clean and homogenous material. These are available in various forms for use in air-laying, garneting, blowing, carding, spinning and bleaching. These re-processed fibers serve as raw material for products in a variety of industries including automotive, bedding, home furnishings, filtration, caskets, and many more.